Sensiblue transparant      

Sensiblue, for safe and tasty drinking water.


In many countries around the world, drinking water from the tap can be a hazard. As a result you may decide to buy mineral water instead, but that is costly and time-consuming. A safer and easier way would be to use the Sensiblue. Sensiblue can easily be installed to your current (drinking) water supply system, offers full protection from bacteria, does not require a connection to the main power line and is low on maintenance.



Sensiblue can be used in any environment that requires disinfection and storage of (drinking) water.


Sensiblue is a safe and effective way of disinfecting (drinking) water. Sensiblue kills off all bacteria, e.g. Legionella (causes Legionnaires Disease) and E. Coli (causes food poisoning).


Sensiblue BV continuously updates its products to match customer requirements for (drinking) water disinfection.